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Past comments by Virtua_Kazama
Kenny Omega imitates Cody's rock throw in an actual wrestling match
Of all the people to do it against, it had to be Kushida.

Which games should be on the 2016 EVO line up? Street Fighter 4 made the top three along with an anime fighter; see the EventHubs poll results here
I'm waiting for Team Ninja to announce Battle Royal 2016 series. I had so much fun doing stat-tracking.

Daigo's amazing comeback, Rico the freshmaker, Tokido does a real life Psycho Crusher, and much more: The best moments of Street Fighter 4
Hey guys, just so y'all know... he made a part 2.

Mike and Gootecks' latest guest is an international wrestling superstar, and he's got a Cody; Kenny Omega joins Excellent Adventures
One of the best members of Bullet Club joining with Gootecks & Mike Ross. Nice.

Ralf, Billy Kane, Angel, Kula, King, and 50 character roster confirmed for King of Fighters 14
Oh hell yea!

A side of Dead or Alive you haven't seen before? Pro players sWooZie, MASTER and more discuss why they play in this DoA documentary
Good stuff, Velociraptor! Thanks for showing love for the DOA community!

IFC Yipes saves man from being hit by train, will no longer be attending Defend The North after being injured in the process
It happened to be the same knee that he injured when he won EVO 2007. Remember, he tore his ACL after he celebrated his win.

Matt Dahlgren reveals that Street Fighter 5 will not feature on-disc DLC
Wow, people are still talking about that? It's been like 3 years now.

'You can go anywhere, and there'll be someone playing' - Simon Chetrit explores fighting game culture in this short, but powerful documentary
I love this. Honestly, getting the first experience of the offline FGC three years ago really changes my perspective of the differences between them and the online FGC. Just because of this, I can't wait until I go to NEC in December and do it again. And let them haters hate. We're gonna be too busy leveling our game up, whether if it's Street Fighter, Tekken, DOA, Marvel, Smash, or any of the Anime fighters. ...

'There are five people who could be the best at MKX right now' - SonicFox on his exhibition with Perfect Legend, his winnings and more with Daily Dot
IIRC, I don't think SonicFox play Capcom fighters. He plays MK, DOA, UNIEL, and Skullgirls. He played VF at one point.