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Ultra Street Fighter 4
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Love Street Fighter 4, but not as interested in playing Street Fighter 5? Hamad explains why Guilty Gear very well may be the game for you
Love SF4? Hate SFV? ..... Then play SF4!!!!!! Why bring up Guilty Gear or anything else? Way to support USF4 Revival, geez...

Street Fighter 5 Season 2.5 review
Article states: "The game seems to be at a place where, while people may not be ecstatic about it, they do enjoy playing it." To recap - the game's been out for nearly 2 years.... and it SEEMS like people may actually have gotten to the point where they enjoy playing it. Unbelievable the kind of BS people are willing to put up with. The fools that continue to support this piece of sh** game ...

Mike Ross breaks his silence about ESPORTS
"The only "method" to "embrace esports" is by purchasing a crappy product (DARE someone to buy it)." I genuinely thought you were referring to SFV, not the t-shirt. SFV is a shi*stain on the SF4 legacy and FGC, but since it's got money behind it, top players can't afford not to just bite the bullet and play it. Such a shame.

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