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Updated: We're giving away a Razer Street Fighter 5 or Dragon Ball FighterZ Panthera fightstick for PlayStation 4!
Goukizeme FGC, is your username a reference to my old SF4 v. 2012 Gouki / Akuma "Goukizeme" guide back in the day? If so I'm honored you chose to use my Gouki + Kizeme pun as your username, haha :D Really, that would make my day.

Justfog channels the spirit of Daigo Umehara to take down Dhalsim with Ryu in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition
There are actually even more optimal ways to punish Dhalsim depending on which limb he uses and whether you're using Denjin mode or not. I actually made a video showing a bunch of these kinds of punishes a couple of years ago but Eventhubs never found it newsworthy (I realize that this is done in a match rather than training mode, but it's not that hard to land in a match if you're fishing for ...

GO1 releases his Dragon Ball FighterZ tier list
Eventhubs it would be awesome if you could reach out to these players who post tier lists, otherwise his interesting reasons for why he thinks 21 and Gotenks are higher than everyone else is lost. It's not very enlightening. Just look at what Leffen and Rooflemonger did. They posted nearly an hour long video explaining all of their tear placements and it's extremely insightful. We as a community need to stop posting tier lists for ...

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