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Past comments by VanHeb
The tightest links in Street Fighter 5 will be three frames; Vesper fills us in on everything we need to know for the SF5 beta
It's funny how everyone complains about this. Links are only one part of a fighting game. You can go in training mode, never drop them and still get owned because you don't know the fundementals, the neutral game, the matchups or whatever. It's fun to know the links and but you need way more to win a match.

'We want to shy away from clones' - Combofiend on the developmental approach to Street Fighter 5: part deux
Have you ever played SFA or 3S? Or anything besides SFIV? Combos were NEVER a big part of SF like they were in SFIV.

Street Fighter 5's new trailer details the game's battle system, new character artwork added
I don't know. It's like evrytime I see gameplay, my hype dies a little. There is so much hit stun, looks like we have FOREVER to hit confirm. It's riduculous.

'Tis but a scratch!' Jason lives up to his undead reputation, even after losing his head and legs in this funny Mortal Kombat X glitch
Can't kill Jason unless you destroy his heart. :-P

UFC fighter Felice Herrig feels her likenesses were used as inspiration for Mortal Kombat X's Cassie Cage
I'd Smash... AndI ain't talking about that Nintendo game.

Street Fighter 5: The entire Evil Geniuses fighting team wants Guard Crush to return; one player feels Capcom should eliminate dashing
No Dash and a Guard Break? So they want Alpha 3 in 3D.