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Not sure which Street Fighter 5 character you want to play yet? Combofiend's advice can help you pinpoint your perfect match
Well, I know who I want to play but they removed everything he had in the last beta. It takes so much work to win with Ken now. Wich is kinda fun, but also kinda dumb. He didn't deserve all the nerfs imo. It's not like he was that good to begin with. Weren't they supposed to Buff the weaker characters to balance SFV?

No one likes to be called an online warrior, even though everybody leveled up with online play - Valle talks about network play's importance
Tbh, who cares if you come from online or if you're old school. At the end of the day it's just a videogame. If you're having fun, you're winning.. And if you can become good enough to be a too 8 player in tournament, then that's even better.

'The top players in SF4 are so much better than any other fighting game' - Snake Eyez sits down with Gootecks and Mike Ross

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