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SSB4: Samus - Charge Shot
It's also possible to pivot shoot while on the ground or when dashing, both tecnically not pivot, but with more or less the same outcome. When you're still, just make a turn gently enough to not dash and press b, you'll have to stop the turning immidiately as otherwise you will fire a rocket. When dashing you'l have to do another manouvre: the pivot jump and shoot, it has to be a short jump for ...

SSB4 with characters: [u'Ike', u'Samus']
If an Ike player says that this match up is in his favor, it can only meen he hasn't played against decents Samus, because through rockets she can force ike to go areal and then he can't do much if u just shild. His side b is useless and easily punishable with b (charged and not), and will have difficulties approaching her.

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