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Alex? Haggar? Ibuki? Who are these mysterious Street Fighter 5 DLC characters?! EventHubs takes their guesses
1 - I see Alex crouching getting ready to attack 2 - Guile always stands just like that 3 - The pin makes me think Urien or Gill even. I remember Gill had a cloak 4 - Juri getting ready to do her kicks 5 - The green on the shoulder that they show makes me think Rose. 6 - E.Homda doing 100 hand Slap.

Want to play Street Fighter 5 at E3 this year? Win passes into the show from Capcom and EventHubs
My buddy just won the qualifier tournament for the Nintendo World Championship. So he is getting a trip to E3 to play against others for the title of Nintendo Champion so it would be great if he could have some friends there with him to cheer him on during the competition. Then when he isnt involved in that I am sure both of us would be spending a lot of time over play SF5 since ...

Covering both sides: Cammy cosplayer performs theme song on keytar and piano
She always is doing an awesome job but got to say this is one of my favorites of hers

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