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Overwatch's upcoming DLC character looks, uhh... very familiar
Its a Laura whose dropped the disgusting cheeriness and stupidity of SF5 and become a respectable character...I already had some respect for Laura in SF5 for not being as stupid as Mika... But here Sombra only has the same face the rest of her appearance and attitude is quite different... Wish they didn't copy Laura's face so everyone would associate this character with Street Fighter 5 and the train wreck of a game that is.... ...

Daigo unsure if Street Fighter 5 will still be played next year; says he's not ready for EVO, focusing more on Capcom Cup
Still wondering if an Arcade mode will happen in SF5 they have added Vs COM and other modes but the game is not as diverse or complex as many other video games out there which is hurting it strongly in my book... So many games despite their flaws are beating SF5 the only reason I'm even persisting is because I followed Ryu.. This time Ryu is in a real pit of nastiness the likes of ...

Five uppercuts in one combo? Pepopulo's Ken shows off with these Street Fighter 5 style sequences
I wanted to learn some good combos for Ken I know my primary character at the moment is Ryu but I feel l don't know SF5 if I don't know and have in practice a good amount of Ken combos and tech I mean he's always been in SF but I've never given him the justice he deserves in my arsenal as a secondary... Though the biggest problem with getting good at him is you ...

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