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Captain Falcon
Honestly, what sets apart a Captain Falcon from a Crapton Falcon is really how well you can read an opponent and your offstage game. Falcon's Out-of-shield game isn't something to brag about, but he has a few gimmicks. Falcon Kick is a decent poke move at the start of the match, but using it several times will lead an opponent to read it and punish. It does punish backorders though, so if someone's feinting a ...

EVO 2015 lineup to be revealed live tomorrow evening on Twitch - which titles do you think will be main games this year
If Smash 4 is not on that roster, I'll be very surprised.

SSB4 with characters: [u'Ganondorf', u'Link']
It IS possible for Link to camp against Ganondorf, depending on reads, skill level, and other factors. Honestly, Ganondorf struggles with spammers due to his low jump height and slow speed, so you'll need to perfect shield/sidestep/roll quite a bit before you can even get close. Even then, his only good option for punishing people who roll run away is Wizard's Foot, which if read, is punishable. @Yoaster: you probably haven't played against a GOOD ...