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Street Fighter 5 is much better now than it was a year ago, but it still has some large hurdles to jump
Infinite will be produced by some white guy, and not ONO, so it's already in much better hands. Ono is a horrible fighting game producer and the success of MvCI should reflect that imo.

Urien can walk forward before firing off a Headbutt in Street Fighter 5, here's how to perform and apply Dr. Fatbody's 'Micro Walk' tech
If someone does this to you successfully and regularly, then no amount of nerfs will make you stop bitching about this character. The player likely far out classes you. Simple as that. This tech is not "simple" buy any means. Basically it's the mashy, slow reaction players crying for nerfs. Your gonna get exposed either way.

Capcom to divert more attention to VR projects after decline in sales and profit
Are you serious? Your blind defense has ignored blatant facts. SHAMEFUL! "nine month period ending December 2016" also since you clearly did not factor in this. 1.5 shipped which is probably not even sold thru....But you do realize it quickly went on sale? The projection was probably estimated at 2 million of full retail price so alot of it is discounted sales. So acting like Capcom is happy with the success of this game.

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