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Street Fighter 5 hit 1.6 million in sales, Capcom continues to push it for eSports - title keeps chugging along despite hate
Please replace or get rid of Ono. The series deserves better.

Deadshot's zoning playstyle causing frustration at Toryuken - and yes, a controller was thrown

Juri dead last in Capcom's official Street Fighter 5 match up chart, popularity rankings for April put Zangief in top 4
That's like half the cast... not alot of people like half the cast of SF2 either...and yet Alex is above Chun Li, Dhalsim, and Vega. The bad/boring cast were blanca,honda,dejay,thawk. To me, the only non winning designs were Remy and Twelve. Hugo and Poison were amazing designs...who doesnt love Andre the Giant? Oro is badass..but his voice ruined his designed a bit and sounds too comically geezery...rather than old badass hermit warrior. And Q basically ...

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