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Past comments by Tuthur
Asking users to disable their ad blocking software, and why it's important for EventHubs
Never seen such a greedy move by a website, way to sell your integrity for money. I'm out too, I used to check EH daily for years but I won't come back unless you re-think your priorities (i.e. content before cash) @Catalyst : I am disappoint.

Xbox One release slated for November 22, shipping to 13 territories - now retains improved CPU
No thanks.

King of Fighters Online revealed - multiplayer online battle arena game
It's ARTS not MOBA. Get it right.

King of Fighters 13 Steam Edition pre-purchase now available, features 'vastly improved netcode' - SNK launches closed beta test

Mortal Kombat 9 PC sales are 'way, way above expectations'
Japan just have a strong case of autism when it comes to PC gaming, every fighting game should be ported. Now if only we could get KoF13 on Steam that'd be swell.

What would you think of a CEO / MLG fighting game event? Alex Jebailey wants to know
Finally, it's a shame it took so long, top players need more cashprize (Xian 1st place 5k ect ect), MLG is the way to go.

EVO 2013 viewership peaked at 144,848 during Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tourney - stream had almost 50% more people than last year
The viewer count dropped because of Europe going to sleep that's all.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 official trailer, logo and box art - will add brand new modes
I bet you there won't be new trials either.

Filipino Champ: ChrisG is the most dominant player, but I will win EVO this year - interviews with PR Balrog and more

New stages in Street Fighter 4 update will be from Street Fighter X Tekken, some changes to Rufus documented
Well that's disappointing, I don't really want rehashed SFxTekken content. I really hope the 5th character isn't from another franchise, this would make a really awkward addition in the SF4 roster.