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Senior Artist at NetherRealm reveals Injustice 2 costumes and designs that were too hot for the final build
Well ain't that a shame, some of the unused concepts were could've been potential content for unlockable Gear and even Black Canary could've been perfect for DLC content that I would pay. For that one comment that gihon mentioned (in pic 2): Its not that booty is a scary thing in videogames, its just the Western gaming side can't accept or doesn't care about sexual content along with companies not willing to stand up for ...

New sports-themed costumes headed to Street Fighter 5 on July 25th
These are some pretty cool Sports theme, My fave is Ibuki's Track & Field. To anyone talking about ESPN & "safe for TV outfit" if a TV Broadcasting couldn't properly show any risque costumes (by the will of the player) that is part of the game (which has no effects within gameplay) due to some BS standard, then ESPN should've not broadcast SFV entirely. These higher ups in ESPN should've treat SFV broadcasting like how ...

Street Fighter 2017 Swimsuit Special gets limited edition cover drawn by Super Sonico creator, here's more of Udon's latest covers and variants
Swimsuit Special Morrigan & Chun-Li looks beautiful this is worthy of pre ordering that cover. The Anakaris cover with Juri's SFV outfit without the extra leather is a pretty nice detail. The Last picture with girls pillow fight the best thing is seeing the fellow gals in pajama/sexy bikini and it looks better than this: But its not that great looking.

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