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Street Fighter 5 and King of Fighters 14 both headed to arcades - KoF14 getting full arcade version, SF5 will be PC version
If you really want uncensored version of the game (which I would love Myself), why not try to talk to Ono about this kind of stuff.

Does Street Fighter 5 still have a shot at reaching the casual crowd?
Unless there is a free to play version or a definitive version, there is little chances casuals are going to come back at this moment despite they've been adding more stuff, the only chance there is to bringing casuals is having everything at launch. But Ono's Team & Capcom only capability in bringing a general audience when it comes to game launch is just hoping to please everyone from making it easier than previous games, ...

Necalli sheds his robe, Karin ditches her hat and Laura misplaces her top; more costume Easter eggs found in Street Fighter 5
I have an idea for ESPN problems with costumes, it involves ESPN to find another game to broadcast that fits their standards (aka SFV no longer broadcasting on ESPN) that would pretty much solves everything. If the goal in mind for part of Communities and Capcom to bring in as many people as possible, then they should add a free-to-play version of SFV.

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