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Work-themed costumes coming to Street Fighter 5 on April 25th
If you seriously think the people that are making decisions on what costumes become DLC is hurting the SF brand, by god you don't know whats worst that can hurt a game brand like SF to a possible point of companies not wanting to make another game/genre ever again or a company can go bankrupt because of that game release. Oh they're many ways Capcom can do better like delay a game when it was ...

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 boasts voice actors from shows like Rugrats, Rick and Morty, Archer and many others; see the faces behind the voices here
Yes Marvel characters only had English voices, since Marvel is an American brand so their default language is English.

First screenshots of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round's upcoming Guilty Gear and BlazBlue DLC costumes
@XxAngelChunLixX & Xhominid The OMG mode you guys your referring too, is called Bouncing Breast in DOA1 where its just a simple on/off switch. Heres part of the video @5:28: Coming from someone who owned the first game on PS1 & DOA1 Ultimate (Xbox aka port of Sega Saturn). On Topic: These costumes look pretty neat, definitely love NyoTengu as Dizzy.

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