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Demitri's most iconic move is also likely why we'll never see him in a 3D game
I don't know how patient the SF team is but the Ace Attorney team did a ton of work for Geiru Toneido's character in Spirit of Justice, like over 400 different animations for all her balloons and stuff.

Sexy vs. substance: How is sexualization treated in the fighting game community?
This is probably the most comments I've seen on a post on this site in awhile, so I ain't even gonna touch them knowing full well what to expect. I just want to say, as a woman, the sexualization in general (and I don't just mean the games but the creepy worship laid upon cosplayers too) is part of what pushed me out of being as into the FGC as time went on. And god ...

Who are the seven cheapest bosses in fighting games? Outsidexbox shares their list of frustrating final fighters
I swear nothing will beat a boss who could refill his entire health bar in less than two seconds. I hated this motherfu-

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