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'In my experience as a woman, I don't think the FGC is sexist' - gamer and model Ginny Lou offers a feminine perspective on the community
I don't think it's sexist, just very boy's clubbish. I felt so out of place at CEO being the only girl there who wasn't competing or in a relationship with somebody. I got the vibe that people kinda wanted to act like I wasn't there (I mean, it's not like I'm Kayane). Like, hard to explain-like I was infiltrating a spot for men to get away from women or something. But it's all good-I hype ...

Which five Dragon Ball characters do you hope to see most in Dragon Ball FighterZ?
Trunks, 18 (the game is set to be short on female roster choices given the source material so please at least have her), Yamcha, Krillin, Ginyu Force, Saiyan-Man (probably just a Gohan costume)

First footage of the new Flamenco Tavern stage in Street Fighter 5 plus commands for performing Vega's new 'Bloody Garden' cage dives
BANNED so cool though to see the callback.

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