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Arturo Sanchez, The Moon, DJ Nintendo and more from the FGC will appear in Elementary's special eSports episode tonight
I remember the casting call for this. Thought of going out for it but didn't quite fit what it was asking for. Seeing as it films right here in NYC I'm not surprised to see Art's a part of it. Cool. Edit: For anyone curious: "UNION_TO PORTRAY EGAMER**AVAIL 1.5**NOTE LEVEL OF VIDEO GAME EXPERIENCE AND WITH WHAT GAMES**NOTE IF PART OF AN EGAMING LEAGUE**MUST BE REGISTERED WITH CENTRAL CASTING**"

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I loved going to CEO-it was nice having such a big tourney be an hour from where I lived, but now I've moved to New York. Wondering if I somehow find the time to fly back in June or just look more into the scene up here.

Wait... was that a glimpse of Street Fighter on VR? Mysterious clip in Ultra Street Fighter 2 trailer is piquing interest
I think it's probably just going to be the same as that first person mode for the 3DS port of SFIV (maybe they'll port V in some capacity)? What I'd love it to be is a 3-D mode like they have HD remix and SNES mode.

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