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Street Fighter X Tekken - New challenger trailer teaser
to all Dhalsim nay sayers... Last time i checked...Eddy wore a shirt...and he had green and gold sweat pants, not a rag. One of those stages ain't a Tekken stage. Ones from SSF4 and the others from( if im not mistaken ) SFxTK.

I'll make a Dan out of you! Super Street Fighter 4 video
<= inspired to continue my low tier campaign! also ima go and learn me some Dan! TO DEFEAT THE YUNS! THEY BE COMIN ROUND IN A FEW DAYS...WE MUST PREPARE QUICKLY!

Arcade releases enhanced, Sven excited about Street Fighter 3 Online
@#16 Nu uh. 3rd strike is way better than alpha 3....maybe not alpha 3 max, but still... but im looking forward for this one....NO MO CHIP N RUN FO THOSE SSF4 ASS HOLes...IMA GET THAt ASS in THIS You Sons biches!! and back to the topic. im thinking that a lot of wat ive read above is coming...maybe not alt costumes, but music and stages...hell yea

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