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There will be no Central Fiction 'Extend' in the future; developers say their next title will be unrelated to BlazBlue and not a fighting game
good they didn't make a extend version of blazblue calamity trigger the first game of the series now blazblue central fiction will conclude the ragna story but it not end the series

'Monetization just to unlock something in the game isn't something we're thinking about' - Tekken 7 developers interview with Siliconera
i read about tekken veteran characters now there a change that they might return in Tekken 7 if they not clones then yea

Supergirl may be more of a zoner, Gorilla Grodd tough to use, Atrocitus has mean pressure; Maximilian gets hands on Injustice 2
injustice 2 in my opinion hmm i think that a very few people will pick up gorilla grodd

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