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It's no longer a 2.5D fighting game, but JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven is indeed being developed at CyberConnect2
Not that I'm an expert, but I think EH had quite a bit of ASB coverage when it first came out. I could totally be mistaken though.

Meta Knight
A general tip of advice for Meta Knight players is to use all of your specials to keep a variation on your recovery. MK can use all of his B moves as a recovery option to some extent, and mixing up these options can make your recovery very unpredictable.

SSB4: Wii Fit Trainer - Special
WFT's Custom Neutral Special 3: Sweeping Sun Salutation is a great tool for edgeguarding or putting your opponent offstage when fully charged, as it pushes the opponent along with it. Use this to keep your opponent offstage then spike them with a Fair or Dair. Custom 3 is also a great approach tool, as it travels at a medium speed and goes about 75% of the distance of FD.

Poongko's tier rankings for Seth in Ultra Street Fighter 4 - there's an 8.5-1.5 match-up in this game?
Yo, that shot at Xian

Ghandi sits next to you on stream, 3 MorriDooms in your EVO pool, and more - the best of '#FGCHorrorStory'
Finding out about Bridget for the first time #FGCHorrorStory

Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals results feat. Daigo, Xian, GamerBee, Gackt, Poongko, Humanbomb, Leslie and Dark Jiewa
Oh, Dark Jiewa, haven't seen him around in a while, good to see him playing again.

Mike Ross shares who he feels are the best/worst characters in Ultra Street Fighter 4
Small typo, I think the worse should be changed to worst in the title, unless I'm getting something wrong.

The Big House 4 results
Nah, challonge says Mango won.

The Big House 4 results
No worries, man. Thanks for uploading the results as always

The Big House 4 results
Pardon me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Ripple's doubles partner Oro!? ?