Past comments by Thomakaze
Ignore everything from YoshiDinoBroYo Do not use random moves, this is never a good idea. The egg will not fall off the stage if you use egg lay by the ledge unless your fighting a CPU opponent or someone who has never played smash before. Moving the control stick toward the stage if you are stuck in an egg will cause the egg to land on the stage. Up-smash is a great kill move but ...

SSB4: Yoshi - Egg Roll
The best use for this move I've found is baiting out counters from FE characters + shulk, lucario, little mac etc. Most people will attempt to counter it as soon as you roll up. Press B to cancel it right before you hit them and they will probably counter, you can then hit them with whatever you want. Mix it up the next time, plow right through them because they probably wont counter and expect ...

SSB4 with characters: [u'Ganondorf', u'Mewtwo']
A good mewtwo should be able to beat a good ganondorf without being hit. Mewtwo beats him on range and speed. Even though a good ganondorf could take out mewtwo in 2 hits. A Good mewtwo could play it safe enough to beat him.

SSB4 with characters: [u'Mewtwo', u'Yoshi']
Spamming Egg Roll against Mewtwo? No way. I agree Yoshi has this, But confusion blocks both those moves and gives Mewtwo a free hit.Throw yoshi's egg back in his face and dash at him and you have a guaranteed connected dash attack. Use Confusion against eggroll and you have a guaranteed F-Smash if he doesn't tech. D-Airs and Up-Smash are way more effective to take out Mewtwo quickly.

SSB4 with characters: [u'Jigglypuff', u'Yoshi']
Without a proper up-B, recovering can be difficult as Yoshi against floaty multi-jump characters. The super armor will help with recovery but do not throw out a move if Jiggs is nearby. The frame you input an attack is the frame your super armor is gone and a nair can end you. What Yoshi does have going for him though is his Up-smash up-tilt and upair. These will all kill Jiggs rather early due to ...

SSB4 with characters: [u'Duck Hunt', u'Olimar']
In competitive play. This matchup was considered unwinnable by Duck Hunt but is now considered Very Hard. Pikmin break most of DH's projectiles and the red ones can blow up his can. Overall, Olimar is equipped perfectly equipped to avoid DH's tools. Advantage Olimar (Huge)

SSB4 with characters: [u'Duck Hunt', u'Pikachu']
Pikachu's speed can rush down Duck Hunts setup's before they can even begin. Th matchup may force duck hunt to play more hands on with tilts, grabs and smashes which is unorthodox for DH. With Rage, Duck Hunt can kill Pikachu very early so finish off DH as soon as possible when his damage starts getting high, Advantage: Pikachu (Slight)

SSB4 with characters: [u'Ganondorf', u'Villager']
Villager's Projectiles can make this a major headache for Ganondorf but Villager's low weight can make this a quick game if Ganondorf if he can get through Villagers traps. Smash attacks as Villager can be risky and leave you open for Ganon's brutal assault. Get him offstage and gimp him with either the slingshot or if he's close enough, the bowling ball. The tree/axe is another good kill move. Villagers recovery makes off stage follow ...

SSB4 with characters: [u'Greninja', u'Luigi']
Luigi's recovery can be gimped by Greninja's aerials because of Greninja's Aeriel control, great recovery and Luigi's predictable, linear recovery. Luigi's throw combos work really well on Greninja but if Greninja is spacing properly, his speed and range can help him not get grabbed. I would give slight favorability to Greninja based on speed, range, and offstage follow-ups due to his high mobility and control in the air.

SSB4 with characters: [u'Duck Hunt', u'Little Mac']
Duck Hunt has a lot of traps and setups that Mac will have to apply so much pressure if he wants to avoid. This can cause the Mac player to fall right into the traps due to rushing things. Mac's superarmored smashes don't help him much this time since he doesn't need to power through projectiles often, Overall Favorable match for Duck Hunt