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Gllty joins the GRAPHT eSports team
And Zephyrus is still here. What a joke.

Gllty joins the GRAPHT eSports team
It doesn't matter if you have or you haven't. Some of the stuff you say to people here is vile... "go drink bleach" "So kindly go f*ck yourself and shove your concern up your ass so hard that you even choke on it. .I." "listen you f*cking c*nt" "how about you go f*ck yourself? Ok?" "I'm getting so tired of these people constantly crying. F*ck off. Go play any of the other fighters out there. ...

The EVO champ takes on Street Fighter 5's #1 ranked player: Tokido vs. Haitani in this exciting Season 2 set
SFV... "Exciting"... LOL!

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