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Mortal Kombat 9
Ultra Street Fighter 4
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In his Spectral variation, Ermac gains the ability to levitate and fly around the screen. If he performs his air blast attack or his teleport attack from his in-flight state, he automatically builds a bar of meter.

nner Workings (Fatality 1) - Hold Block, Down, Up, Back, Release Block (Mid-Screen) Head Out (Fatality 2) - Hold Block, Forward, Down, Down, Up, Release Block (Mid-Screen) Nether Force (Brutality 1) - Perform 10 special moves during the match, then kill the opponent with an Air Force Port (Down, Back+4+Block in the air). We Win (Brutality 2) - Connect a five-hit combo that ends with the Force Lift (Down, Back+1), then kill the opponent with ...

Bug Me (Fatality 1) - Back, Forward, Back, 3 (Mid-Screen) Heart Broken (Fatality 2) - Forward, Back, Forward, 2 (Close) Migraine (Brutality 1) - With over 50 percent health, kill an opponent with Ovipositor Charge (Down, Back+4), then hold Forward. Fly Swatter (Brutality 2) - During the match perform a four-hit kombo that ends with the Backward Air Throw (Down+Throw, Back in the air), then kill the opponent with the Backward Air Throw. Incubate (Brutality ...

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