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Wii Fit Trainer
While she/he is not a heavy character, several of her/his moves have long startup frames and recovery. Landing after an Up Special leaves you prone for one of the longest animations I have seen after landing. It's an extremely risky move to use if you don't grab the ledge. Her/His smashes can leave her/him pretty vulnerable if blocked or predicted. Her/His killing moves are few and far between at decent percentages. Her/His range is pretty ...

SSB4: Wii Fit Trainer - Light Attack / Quick Combo
With Perfect Pivoting - which I will abbreviate as PP - now becoming more common, WFT's jab becomes an even more useful tool for poking enemies or punishing them. PP may leave you facing away from the opponent, but PP into Jab makes your PP a safe approach when you don't have the opportunity to PP into her Down Smash.

SSB4: Wii Fit Trainer - Neutral air attack
Vectoring while using Neutral Air can catch opponents off of the ground. If done correctly, it can only hit about two times, and at lower percentages can be comboed into a Up Smash.

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