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Past comments by TheMasterPlayer
'If people want a verdict from me, then it is this: Ryu is weak... so weak it gives me the shivers' - Daigo on Season 3.5 of Street Fighter 5
SFV is Guile's game! Nuff said!

Opinion: Nicki Minaj's new single 'Chun-Li' and its music video are genius works of art, and may forever change the fighting game landscape
You know, not until I've read your comment did I realize that, indeed Velociraptor has been one to make troll articles for a while now. As for the song, it is also a troll song, that didn't have anything to do with Chun-Li.

Falke can utilize Psycho Power differently from others? VesperArcade speculates on the upcoming Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition character
When the headline is about a speculation video... You can bet it's a slow news day. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Fan made Street Fighter 5 'Mysterious Mod' allows new combos, tweaks anti air jabs, adds new 'V-Cancel' mechanic and much more
It looked more like SFIV to me than SFxT. Especially the V-Cancel mechanic which is essentially a FADC to cancel into and extend combos.

Nicki Minaj's 'Chun-Li' image has already inspired fan art
I don't understand, why the hate? You don't have to like Nicki, but she looks hot in that Chun-Li getup!

Capcom teases Falke's abilities and use of Psycho Power in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition
Falke man, when are they going to release a Falken trailer?! lol!

Infiltration - I want to become a sexy, pro fighting game player both to break stereotypes and attract more female gamers to our community
He wants to attract more female players into the FGC---so that we can copulate with them and have offsprings to perpetuate videogame players. What's so wrong with that? lol!

Comic book legend Jim Lee illustrates Dragon Ball Z's Goku for the first time
He drew Goku's face too wide. He should have drawn it narrower, in a more distinctive Asian/anime-style.i

'You need to make a good game first and then the community comes out and supports it' - Bandai Namco brand manager on Soul Calibur 6 eSports potential
Xykes' comment makes a lot of sense IMO. Today's titles are heavily leaning towards e-sports with a heavy emphasis on DLC for the games' lifespan. IMO, at least in the fighting game genre, Capcom spearheaded this with SFV. And 2 years later, the game has now seen strong support from both casual and hardcore players alike.

New Street Fighter 5 "Training Grounds" idea proposed by fan as means of pre-testing balance updates before they go live
As a few others have mentioned already, a mass beta test for a game patch would be really helpful, IMO. Pros can have intentional or unintentional biases with regards to their respective characters considering it's their careers that's on the line. Also, whatever happened to the original plan of Capcom having just one BIG update for the year? If the fgc weren't so quick to ask for fixes everytime something in the game seems broken, ...