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Past comments by TheMasterPlayer
Redrapper Super Street Fighter 4 remix song
Sounds like Eminem to me.

Updated: New images of Super Street Fighter 4's alternative outfits
Ryu's costume kinda reminds me of Akira in Virtua Fighter. I personally do not like it that much.'s interview with Yoshinori Ono
Great job on bringing back the STREET FIGHTER SERIES Ono-san! You deserve to have a long and relaxing vacation with your family. It's times like those when you could just sit back and run your thoughts on SFV... lol.. just joking. Anyways, Thanks Capcom!

Street Fighter 4 one of the most pirated titles in 2009
Piracy is evil. Plain and simple. But what can you do.. people are evil.

Capcom considering new characters for arcade Super Street Fighter 4
ahhh.. just one question. If they added a character again for the arcades and consoles, how would they balance out the game again, in relation to the other 35 characters already in the game. It would be hard just adding one character, for balance purposes, let alone a few more characters.... and considering an arcade version will possibly be just around the corner after the console release, I wouldn't be surprised if all they added ...

Updated: Super Street Fighter 4 gameplay notes from Arcadiagamers
I think it's best to take all these impressions with a "grain of salt" until we, the general public gamers actually get to try it out for ourselves; and get to play the game in the online realm and actual tournament plays. Until then, I guess we'll just have to take the word of these so called "pros?".