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Past comments by TheMasterPlayer
Whose Kage is best? Daigo, Momochi, Sako and Infiltration show off their takes on Evil-er Ryu in these 40 plus minutes of match footage
Infiltration is basically finished as a pro fighting game player.

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Season 4 patch notes released
So maybe the general theme for season 4 is for the new characters to be "evil versions" of some of the cast? Bring in some guest characters perhaps?

Official Kage trailer and character breakdown for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition
So is there official word whether this Kage character is canon? Or just another "what if" character similar to Evil Ryu and Oni in SFIV???

First images of Piccolo, Perfect Cell, Kenshin and Shishio revealed along with avatar creation details for Jump Force
Finally! Kenshin in the house! Great to see him again after all these years! Hiten Mitsurugi style, here we go!

Mass shooting during live stream of Florida Madden tournament results in multiple fatalities
This is monumental and quite possibly game changing in the entire gaming landscape! Now more than ever, organizers, participants and spectators of tournaments and events have to be vigilant! I can already foresee unprecedented security measures that are about to be implemented in major tournaments. You never know what kind of crazy will pop up next! Why only in the USA do many of these vile acts of violence happen is beyond belief. America needs ...

Start winning more in Street Fighter 5 with this one weird trick that doctors hate... it's meaty practice and you need it way more than you think
Karin with that fart super art to Chun-Li's face! Or should I say, super art fart! lol!

Get as many games as possible in without being a jerk; five important dos and don'ts for casual competition etiquette at major fighting game events
Don't yell when you're 2 feet away from the players like what that Cabs guy was doing. That is simply annoying as hell! I don't care what people like James Chen or Ultradavid says. Yelling to the point of being a jerk should not be tolerated nor encouraged! Otherwise you get a smack in the mouth.

Street Fighter legends share their fondest memories of the series for the game's 30th anniversary
Yeah, notice I said "mostly." I am well aware Ricky got 2nd place on the first Capcom cup. After 2016 however, he hasn't placed well in most, if not all of the tournaments he's competed in.

Microsoft announces the Xbox Adaptive Controller for players with limited mobility
Nice! I hope Sony and Nintendo follow suit. That way more gamers who are disabled will be able to keep doing and enjoying what they love. Great job Microsoft!

Street Fighter legends share their fondest memories of the series for the game's 30th anniversary
I remember a time when Ricki used the be the Ricky Ortiz that was so good in CvS2. I guess he's not taken too well to being a transgender and what not, given his mostly lackluster performance post Evo 2010.