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Zeku is essentially two different characters, here's what we've learned about Street Fighter 5's upcoming contender
Great character! I can see players flocking to him and specializing in either one of his forms. I hope Tokido and/or Punk give him a try. They're two of the best players from their respective regions at the moment.

Zeku announced for Street Fighter 5
It's Zeku and maybe another of his disciples. Or maybe even a ninja from Strider Hiryu's clan too! Edit: Okay, upon closer inspection, it's probably just old Zeku and young Zeku.

Input lag solution could be coming to Street Fighter 5 and other titles with upcoming Unreal Engine update
Is this how you worked the math AdaptiveTrigger?: 1 sec = 1000 milliseconds (ms) {[(1/60) × 6.2 frames ] - [(33/1000)]} × 60 = 4.219999998 Therefore, 6.2 - 4.219999988 = 1.980000002 or approximately 1.98 frames Or simply [(33/1000) × 60] = 1.98?

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