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Which Street Fighter game series is your favorite?
My favorite has got to be the SFIV series. I just loved the gameplay. It was FUN! For nostalgia though, it's SF2. It was my childhood street fighter game. It was the fighting game that started and ignited my unending love of fighting games (although I play mainly and mostly Capcom games). As for the SFIII series, I barely got into it as I was more into other fighters at that time during the series' ...

Over 150 female characters were considered for addition in UMvC3, but none of them made the cut - Niitsuma details roster choices
Maybe they can add a few characters from SFV. Sagat would be a fine addition.. oh wait, lol!

Get 6,600 FM in the this week's Street Fighter 5 missions - Here's how to complete 'Come one, come all' and other missions
I personally don't mind doing the missions over and over again. I just want the FM. Also, in ranked matches, Capcom should increase FM to 100 per ranked match instead of just 50. Because for people like me who rarely play the game, it would really be a big help.

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