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Train wreck of a SSF4 AE v2012 match: Gandhi faces FSP at DreamHack Winter 2013
The commentators were mostly laughing because Ghandi random button presses and dps were working. Rufus was not punishing anything, was not baiting out dps, was not anti airing and the ryu was going nuts for no purpose. Mashing out uppercuts and the rufus couldnt even punish a whiffed dp with an ultra. Both players are bad

Microsoft giving away free, full copies of Killer Instinct to select XBL users - allegedly based on Gamerscore
I got it this morning. 6 year member. 125k gamerscore

Injustice hot fix makes changes to input buffering, Zatanna and Harley Quinn
@ #5 the description...this is a HOTFIX which is something they do on the fly to address an issue. Which is great because it means they are listening to community feedback and hurry up to release an update to fix the issue. The big blocks of changes were planned balance updates. A balance update and a hotfix are 2 completely different things

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