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Ultra Street Fighter 4
Fei Long
Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition
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Chun-Li's Yokusenkyaku command normal will be quite the terror for opponents in Street Fighter 6 as shown by NurseLee
may god help us

Visual comparisons between Kimberly and Guy/Zeku, plus everything we know about Street Fighter 6's newest character
Im really confused, the community is sad that Guy isnt coming to SF6 and is annoyed that Kimberly *literally* has Guys moveset. Soo if you want to play Guy and he isnt coming but Kimberly is just a reskin of Guy.. just play her? You essentially got your wish? I wanted Fei Long or Yun.. or C. Viper .. or Makoto .. or Dudley.. none of these are in the game nor reskins with the ...

Street Fighter 6 director may already be hinting at another character with the latest reveal of Kimberly
100% agree. The leaked roster didnt diminish my excitement for those reveals in the slightest. At least now I can look forward to each and every reveal and not feel let down by not seeing Dudley, Makoto, Yun, Fei Long or C.Viper (the characters I've usually mained and played a bunch in older titles). I know who's there and now the excitement comes from *how* capcom reimagined them.

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