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Super Smash Bros. 4
Project M
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Meta Knight
A good option for punishing is Down Smash. It comes out quick and covers both sides of Meta Knight. It generally does not kill, but it usually can get them off stage, which is what you want. Side Smash is hard to land, but if you land it, it is potent. It can kill Bowser at the side of the stage at around 90% uncharged. Charging it is just plain horrifying. Problem is it has ...

Meta Knight
I'm going to start off by saying Meta Knight probably has one of the most brutal learning curves out of any character in this game, but if you can learn him and play him well, he can be a very rewarding character. Playing Meta Knight requires a lot of focus and a good ability to read your opponent. To start off, Meta Knight's play style has changed from Brawl. He is now a more reactionary ...

SSB4: ROB - Robo Burner
Instead of holding up the joystick to recover, try flicking the joystick up repeatedly to gain more height out of an up b (you will know you are doing it if ROB's hands are spazzing out)

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