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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
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A good combo you can do early is: fast fall F-air into U-tilt into another fast fall F-air into a down tilt into a down b(kaboom/bang). I recommend only doing it in around 10% to 30% so it would be hard to D.I. out off. If done successfully it can be a possible 0 to death or a huge lead by 70%+. I would recommend not going for it as much because it’s not a ...

SSBU: Hero - Left/Right Special
I would suggest only using the half charged version of side b in forms of pressuring your opponent and a normal side b if you want to get a weak hit to combo, half charged can also help as a get off me tool so always save mana in case you’re in a tough spot, don’t fully charge side b unless you want to punish a shield break or a snooze! It’s too slow and ...

SSBU: Hero - Down Tilt Attack
It can be really good if want to get an early start up without grabbing, it can also lead to chains of forward air, up air and back air. But Only use in low percentages or they’re be able to D.I. out of it and punish you.

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