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Peach / Daisy
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World's most successful Sonic player releases new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tier list
This is an interesting one. It's not surprising to see Steve at the top as usual. I was surprised, however, to see Shulk ranked in B tier, the same tier as Mii Gunner, Duck Hunt, and Marth. Is Shulk losing favorability in the Smash community? I won't assume that B tier is ordered, but if it is, then Sonix has a pretty unfavorable opinion of Shulk compared to other players.

Steve could now legitimately get banned from competitive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate due to discovery of hit stun cancelling tech
I agree that it can't be enforced because it's hard to tell immediately if it occurred. The problem I have is that, if it is difficult to tell whether it occurred, Steve players can just get away with using it and drastically affect tournaments. I would say that the character should just be banned as soon as possible. Otherwise, we'll keep on debating over this, and it won't solve anything. Hopefully, something can be done ...

New tier list featuring participation from 71 top players released for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
They probably have Fox that high because of the success Light has had with Fox, though I agree with you that Fox is kinda overrated. For Lucina, it's likely that she is seen as predictable given that she doesn't too many mix ups in her moves, and as a result, she isn't seen as a top 10 character. For Palutena, it was the various nerfs that she received throughout the lifespan of this game that ...

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