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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Peach / Daisy
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Over 60 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters saw play in the top 128 of Genesis 9's massive tournament
I think that there are a lot of players in various local areas who play Toon Link, who some argue is a high tier character. I still think that Young Link is the best of the Links, but none of the Links are bad. At worst, the weakest one is upper mid tier. Dabuz plays Olimar, Rosalina, and Min Min, so he will usually switch around when he feels one character falls apart in a ...

Tier list constructed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate based on character win percentages in 2022
My guess for why Lucina, Marth, and Sheik have the lowest win percentages of 2022: Lucina: most players know how to fight against her at this point because she is very predictable. Marth: same moveset as Lucina, except has tipper, which makes it slightly easier (or slightly harder in some cases) to go up against him. Also, most people just play Lucina over Marth anyway. Sheik: on top of not having many players represent her, ...

Steve dominates the top 64 and top 8 of Let's Make Moves Miami but more character specialists are on the rise
MuteAce was really impressive in this tourney, as he had to go up against an army of Steve mains as well as fighting Riddles' Kazuya. He managed to accomplish a lot here: - Beat Yonni's Steve 3-1 - Beat Acola's Steve 3-0 (Winners Bracket) - Beat Riddles' Kazuya / Terry 3-1 It wasn't until he had to go up against Onin in Winners Finals that MuteAce fell short, losing 3-2. Then he lost to Acola ...

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