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Chris Hu loses home in fire, donations set up
I'm glad his family got out safe. That fire looked horrible.

Remixed Street Fighter 4 artwork by KAiWAi
@91 I totally agree. C Vipers one is the worst. She's supposed to be a strong and independent single mother and they turned her into the opposite there.

Remixed Street Fighter 4 artwork by KAiWAi
Ken's outfit!!! OMG! Why didn't they stick with that Idea. That's exactly how I would've liked Ken to look. Plus the Pony tail instead of that mullet.

Yoshinori says PC version of Super Street Fighter 4 difficult, but possible
I don't see the big deal with playing a fighting game on PC. I use my PC for FPS and RTS games only. Fighting games are designed more for arcade and console. If people pirate games, how do the developers get paid for their hard work? Blame the Pirates not Capcom if this doesn't come out on PC.

Rumor: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 may be in the works
I'm sure they'll bring out an CvS3 but for now its all about MvC3. Can't wait.

Super Street Fighter 4 devs discuss Guile, Dhalsim and old boss characters
Well deserved buffs for Guile and Vega.

Super Street Fighter 4 player impressions from Wondercon event
I hope the online is stable enough and lag free because that will determine how people abuse characters. Dragon Punches trading = more scrub jump ins/mashing and a more harder zoning game. Bison EX scissor nerf sounds bad... really bad. Just limits his options to 0. Sweep into ultra from Dudley sounds too easy to be true -_- Longer matches I don't like the sound of. Can't wait to see how this game plays out ...

Super Street Fighter 4 combo videos from Jeuxvideo
Ken deserved a decent Ultra

Updated: Super Street Fighter 4 change notes for six cast members
I've used Chun since the warrior edition of SF2 where she had no fireball at all. Using her on SF4 she feels like one of the most balanced characters in the game with only a 1 or 2 bad match ups. The new buffs to her are slightly unnecessary except for the light kick backflip. I would have preferred to see the recovery on her normal Spinging Bird kick improved so that it wasn't completely ...

Makoto Super Street Fighter 4 guide
I'll give her a try because her Super make me laugh and it buffs her attack up. Her Super reminds me of me when I lose.