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Updated: Dhalsim Street Fighter 5 gameplay footage from Canada Cup
Don't think Sim will be very good. Won't be maining.

This may be the most aggressive Dhalsim yet; see why in our breakdown of Street Fighter 5's latest character
Super turbo Dhalsim is hands down the most aggressive version. Technically the first divekick character. I will be maining Dhalsim in SFV.

Is Ed Boon's recent 'Alien' tweet a hint or a troll?
I love the Alien series. Played the hell out of the avp games as well.

Ryu's beard will factor into Street Fighter 5's story, more characters might be getting facial hair
Chun li with facial hair please.

Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator gets Japanese console release in Spring 2016
Really enjoying this game. Shame it was released so late in EU. Better late than never and its a great game with a solid netcode so i'll continue to support.

'I feel that it is too simple. Yeah, too simple.' - Infiltration discusses Street Fighter 5, fears the game will be too reliant on 50/50 situations
These are all interesting comments. I have not played the game but these are my opinions from a spectators view point. 1)boring to watch 2)fantastic graphics and visuals 3) slugish and slow 4) Footsie and poke heavy gameplay 5) fast rounds due to high damage.

Street Fighter 5 pre-order costumes and collector's edition revealed for North America
Looks great. Already pre ordered but wont be getting the collectors though. Visuals for this game are better than expected.

R. Mika announced for Street Fighter 5
Looking good. Cammy is going to get demoted in the booty department now.

'Online tournaments are the future of the FGC' - Alex Valle offers predictions for tournament play in the scene
Lag swtiches might also be a part of that future sadly. Oh well.

And the winner is... See which characters EventHubs readers voted as most wanted for future updates of Mortal Kombat X
Smoke, Mortaro (UMK3 look with 4 legs please), Kabal, Noob, Sareena and Sindel = I have my mastercard waiting to pay