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Mortal Kombat XL announced for 'PlayStation 4 and Xbox One only' - will feature all characters, costumes, and content in one package
First Team ninja abandons pc port and now WB. Very angry since i really like mkx and was looking forward to playing Alien. I guess I'll be uninstalling the game since it won't be getting anymore updates :(

Which games should be on the 2016 EVO line up? Street Fighter 4 made the top three along with an anime fighter; see the EventHubs poll results here
GGxrd, MKX and SF will be the main one I watch. T7 i'll watch as well but it will be impossible for anyone outside of asia to win that lol.

No plans for huge Street Fighter 5 balance changes until after Capcom Cup 2016, 'situational judgement' will determine player skill
Capcom need to be careful that SF5 doesn't end up like VF5 where a minority of fans keep saying "easy play hard to master". At the end of the day if the game is boring and doesn't generate hype it will die fast regardless of depth and simplicity. I found myself plating GGxrd more whilst the sf5 beta was out just because there was more to learn in that game. I will always be a ...

Naotora Ii coming to Dead or Alive 5 Last Round in March

Daigo and Mago duke it out in Tekken 7? Nobi and Yuu face off in Street Fighter 4? Ono and Harada are up to their usual antics
That side step ewgf at the end was just plain dirty by mago. He could have given daigo a chance lol.

Guilty Gear Xrd is now available on PC, and it's been so popular that it crashed a Steam server, according to ArcSys
This makes happy

King of Fighters specialist Romance discusses new mechanics like MAX Mode, and shares his overall impressions of King of Fighters XIV
Auto combos arghh. P4A and sfxt all over again.

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- coming to Steam on December 9th, four more Arc System Works games to follow by 2016
My ps3 is now redundant lol. I will be going in hard on this game.

First gameplay footage of King of Fighters 14, character select screen shown
The gameplay looks alot smoother than SFV. If they get the netcode right I would play the hell out of this. I don't mind the graphics as I've always liked snk's character designs. Just happens that I'm PC gamer now so I'll have to wait.

Provocative R. Mika and Cammy gestures removed from view in latest Street Fighter 5 beta build, community responds with perplexity
Butt slap removed meh. Life goes on...