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Combofiend: My favorite unreleased DLC character is Balrog... he hits really, really hard
I really like Balrogs look in this game. I'm glad he has shorter and heavier hitting combos in this version.

Ibuki Street Fighter 5 trailer released
I hated everything about SF4 Ibuki but this one seems more fun and fair. I love the redesign too. She has a bit of MK Cyrax gameplay with the bombs which makes her interesing. SF5 is shaping up to be my favourite in the series. Great work Capcom.

Dirty Easter egg found in Street Fighter 5: Background character in the new Air Force Base stage looks like she's... well... see for yourself
The stage is set in USA so what do you expect from the woman lol

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator console version trailer shows tutorial minigames, revamped lobby system and much more
I didn't understand a word of that but I want to get it.

Does Laura's high damage justify her minimal combos and a hard to use V-Trigger? Her Street Fighter 5 character breakdown explores her pros and cons
I've been winning more games with Laura than I have with Ryu. I think she is fine how she is atm. I'm more concerned about Zangief and Fang than Laura.

Check out Steam's brand new Street Fighter 5 trading cards
Time to make some $

First in-game match footage of Akuma in Tekken 7 Fated Retribution
Namco are geniuses. Wasn't sure how Akuma would fit in and he looks quite balanced.

'The community should fight for Street Fighter 4' - Justin Wong talks EVO with ESPN
Justin wants that pot monster money

Trash talk and winning are the most important parts for a good FGC villain - Latest Core-A Gaming video analyzes what makes good heel players
Trash + winning, well i guess i'm a villain then.

Nina Williams revealed for Tekken 7: Fated Retribution
Finally. She's not Anna but she'll do... Until a capo comes back. Glad to see her back.