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Work-themed costumes coming to Street Fighter 5 on April 25th
Chun li seems to have asian privilege when it comes to costumes :(

Lupe Fiasco, Shaquille O'Neal, Reggie Bush, and Eva Marie to compete in ELeague Street Fighter 5 celebrity showdown for charity next week
Looking forward to this

Anti-air jabs are out, big damage is in; here's how EventHubs readers would change Street Fighter 5
I just don't want jump ins to be stronger than anti airs like in scrub fighter 4. The fact that no character can get a set up after anti jab is fine.

Anti-air jabs are out, big damage is in; here's how EventHubs readers would change Street Fighter 5
Omg Just reduce the lag thats it. Nothing else.

Sega renews Virtua Fighter trademark, could a new game be on the horizon?
VF the rpg or VF GO for tablets and phones.

Laura is the worst character in the game, Balrog is terrible and I'm switching to Ryu - Alucard talks Street Fighter 5 with BornFree
Laura the worst character in the game lol. Tell that to all my victims haha

Easier combos, cross platform play, character appearances... what do you think of these 10 reasons to like Street Fighter 5?
I like SF5 as it is. I hated having to sit in training mode and grind stupid 1 frame links and unblockable setups. I like that this game you can win on just normals alone which makes it accessible for people who don't have 8 hours a day to grind.

Mika too sexy for ESPN? Fuudo forced to change character costume for EVO finals
Looks like DOA will never make it as an esports game then. As the fgc becomes more corporate, costumes will matter because of the viewing audience.

Lightning fast perfects, terrifying V-Skill mind games, and big damage - RB's Street Fighter 5 Balrog is a beast
I wish I could play Rog like that

Balrog costumes revealed, Juri and Urien artwork; new Karin Summer stage and outfit also unveiled and coming this Friday
Urien is starting to look more like Bryan Fury from Tekken. Very surprised capcom gave both Urien and Juri clothes.