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Persona 4: Arena's stage demo from E3
@3 - Congratulations. You've won the award for the most ignorant post of the day. P4U plays nothing like a Capcom or SNK game. You could call it a mix between Blazblue and Guilty Gear, but that's about it. Calling it a clone is just fücking retarded. Go back to d!ckriding Capcom.

Svensson covers Street Fighter X Tekken's netcode patch, PC benchmark tool and BBB rating for Capcom
@14 - Companies do pay an annual fee to belong to the BBB and you're right that it gives you the ability to dispute the claim before they knock your rating, however paying that fee doesn't guarantee you an A+ rating. @34 - wow people still say that? Being annoyed that the 360 version doesn't have local online co-op is a legitimate complaint. I couldn't care less about the locked characters as the roster is ...

fLoE: I definitely think the time outs in Street Fighter X Tekken are an issue right now
Yeah, I'm all for stopping the timer during cinematic supers and cross arts (including supers during Pandora). It wouldn't completely fix the problem, but it would definitely help since the supers are pretty long and I highly doubt they would make the supers shorter at this point. Also, wouldn't it be kind of hype to land a super with 1 second left and pull off the victory because of it? Someone mentioned making hard tags ...

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