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Super Smash Bros. 4
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SSB4 with characters: [u'Rosalina', u'Sonic']
Not 50/50 Rosa has luma sonic's speed really means something but explains why he's under 10 speed means nothing when sonic lacks actually good start up and his bad end lag almost comparable to Megaman's

SSB4 with characters: [u'Mega Man', u'Robin']
How is robin worse than megaman, Megaman is honestly worse than donkey kong which is supposed bottom. Megaman has the worst startup of any char in smash 4 his killers are bad smart people won't approach him until he is stuck in the crap that is his start to end lag of his down smash foward smash and up smash not to mention megaman lacks anything required to beat another projectile character this topic is ...

SSB4 with characters: [u'Captain Falcon', u'Ness']
Val you realize falcon can't kill jack with that foward air because if he could why is ness consider by all tourney players / normals players to be better than falcon it's because ness is overall better and not a char that has one way to actually combo not to mention ness has a killer throw unlike falcon which has none until 200% or higher sooooo falcon sucks

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