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Which Street Fighter 5 character parties the hardest? Hawaiian Shirt Man shares his definitive 'Party Master' SF5 tier list
I disagree, Urien is the guy who crashes the party, kicks the boombox and shouts at everyone to gtfo before he kicks their asses because he can't tolerate watching people having fun.

Nash's dream of a 3-frame normal has seemingly come at a great cost in Street Fighter 5 so was it all worth it?
I simply don't get why his 3 framer can not be special cancellable when every other character with 3 framer can.

Faust player devises plan to blow up opponent with bombs but it hilariously backfires in Guilty Gear Strive beta match
It's like in a Tom and Jerry cartoon, where Tom puts a bomb in front of Jerry's mouse hole and goes to hide and plug his ears but Jerry notices the ruse and pushes the bomb back to Tom.

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