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Oh wow, I just checked their profiles, yeah that's some great work. Congrats guys! I only noticed NurseLee I didn't know there was some other crazy submitters as well. Can't even be salty bout my loss. I thought it would be bafael , nurselee, and combospammer dude.

Karin is a extremely good footsie character who also has the potential to do fairly decent mix up and high damage. In my opinion she can play rush down but also play defensively. She has alot of juggles utilizing her just frame which can carry the opponent towards the corner. Her V reversal is great as it knocks down on hit. Her Vtrigger however should be used more as a combo extender as the mix ...

Laura is a character who does not have the traditional Sf V combos but she excels at her mixup game. She can pull off resets mid combo and can ambiguously land on either side potentially giving her massive dmg reward if the opponent guesses wrong. Since Laura has a command grab and the dash speed of SF V being so high she can do dash in command grab on knock down opponents for some tricky ...

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