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Past comments by SnakeX
Why Final Fantasy 7's Tifa Lockhart would be a great addition to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Forget Smash, Tifa should have been the character added to Tekken 7 over Noctis.

Bloody Roar trademark filed by Konami
Don't trust Konami to do anything with this. Like the article mentions, they're barely even in the video game market anymore and I'm not sure we even need a new Bloody Roar anyway. Those games weren't exactly stellar to begin with despite the interesting gameplay ideas.

Google Stadia now giving away 2 free months of Pro service which, after trying out, left me on the bad side of rollbacks yet still a little impressed
Google actually has a very long history of launching new stuff and then abandoning it once it flops or doesn't meet expectations. Considering Stadia seems like one big mess with a very negative perception around it currently, I don't see how Google keeps burning money on it long-term.

With Smash Ultimate DLC adding characters from Nintendo games that are successful right now, which other franchises seem likely in Fighter Pass 2?
My thoughts exactly. I wasn't crazy about ARMS or anything but this weird hot take that it somehow failed is truly bizarre, especially when the exact opposite is true and easily verifiable.

Newly revealed PlayStation 5 DualSense controller gets imaginitive Street Fighter 5 makeover themes from DemonDan
Sure, the white is kinda boring but this kinda stuff was immediately what I thought of when I saw the new controller too. I'm guessing there's gonna be loads of real controller designs akin to these for the PS5.

The rage quit at the end of this brutal Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite beatdown from Captain America and X makes it even better
X is so damn fun in this game.

Not everyone in the Street Fighter 5 community is a fan of Gill's new CPT costume; Justin Wong, ChrisG, and others offer disapproving opinions
That costume is incredible, what are these dudes on?

SNK World Championship final Japan qualifier and Grand Final events postponed 'until further notice' due to spreading Coronavirus
It's not too surprising that this has been postponed, travel increases the odds of these kinds of viruses spreading and I've seen a handful of players wondering if making international plans would be wise. Health and safety should always be priority #1.

Update: Official Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3 patch notes released
Congrats on DBFZ leaving early access!

Captain Ginyu has a new level three Super in Dragon Ball FighterZ, check it out right here
Came in to say the same. It's quite literally Captain Storm!