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'Every Smash Bros. game is a new game' - Nintendo explains why Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is definitely not a port
If people actually screenshot and zoom-in to both character models in UMVC3 and MVCI, they would realize that the MVCI models has a lot more details than UMVC3. The problem is that they didn't have enough budget to polish MVCI. Maybe it would have been better to have resued UMVC3 as the base for MVCI with their budget. Anyway, nothing wrong with Smash reusing assets from SmashWiiU anyway. A lot of well loved games reused ...

Xavier Woods's heartfelt letter to the fighting game community
This news is not getting enough attention.

Harsh exchange on Twitter leads SonicFox and ZeRo to a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate first to 10 exhibition
We WWE now.

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