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General Zod glitch used to win WNF Injustice match - 101 hit combo using inescapable Ground Blast setup
@8 Making the website members only would be suicide. Even major news websites like CNN don't even dare to do it, or have tried and reverted their decision, because every news website that has tried to make its articles members only have ended up losing 80% of their users and those who have stuck to it have ended up shutting down months later. No one will pay to access news that is available everywhere on ...

Sony announces PlayStation Vita TV - new hardware allowing Vita games to be played on television
@4 Another person who has not yet realized that the 2DS is meant for kids. Nintendo has been saying since the launch of the 3DS that kids under 6 or 7 should never use the 3D functions, the 2DS is also made thougher and hingeless so kids don't break them so easily. You've got a serious problem if at this point you still don't understand that this is the reason why it even exists, hell ...

CD Jr.: People aren't playing SFxT because much of the Capcom community says the game isn't good, and everyone listens - most pro players enjoy it
@83 Yet if the game were good, don't you think that all these people who bought it would still be playing it? Sure there will be people who will jump on the hate bandwagon, but that's for everything. Just like everyone else, Capcom isn't perfect. I mean even some Mega Man games sucked. They made a low-standard game that was released too early and was full of problems due to some bad decisions they've made ...

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