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King of Dinosaurs' armored moves shake off everything from fireballs to super moves in this exhibition video
Don't worry, BlackMetal is eventhub's resident troll.

USF4: Rolento - Stinger Jump
Stinger Jump works a lot like Ibuki's Kunai, but instead of just jumping and pulling off the knife throw. You must pull off a backwards Z-motion and then, in the air, press punch. This move is pretty good for building meter, especially if you're good at throwing the knife right after you pull off the Backward's Z-motion. The EX Version throws three knives instead of one, and if two hit, cause a juggle state.

USF4: Rolento - Ultra 1
Patriot Sweeper is Rolento's combo oriented Ultra, and considering that this combos from EX Patriot Circle (Which most combos end in), it has a lot of ways to be set up. If used in another situation though, it is good to know that this move breaks armor, so it is good to punish opponents constantly using focus or Red Focus.

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