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Past comments by ShockMaster
All Season 1 DLC Dragon Ball FighterZ characters reportedly discovered via data mining after latest patch

Yoshinori Ono tweets about Final Round, complete with winky face and Blanka toy - will we see an announcement this weekend?
I want Falke out of the way so i can get Cody sooner.

Should Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition receive a mid-season set of balance changes? See what our readers thought via these poll results
Yes please nerf some Vtriggers.

Did you know the Mario Bros. once met German R&B duo Milli Vanilli?
God dammit EH...

Xian releases a Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Season 3 tier list
I would put Nash and Ed in A

The people have spoken, see who EventHubs readers chose to win in the Kemonomichi 2 set between Daigo and Tokido
I think Akuma can fight Guile okay so i really don't know who will win.

I believe that Kolin's V-Trigger 2 is a great example of what a V-Trigger should be, and I'll tell you why
Zeku doesn't have a VT2

Blair Dame and Jack shown off in new Fighting EX Layer gameplay trailer
Friendship ended with Cracker Jack Now Jack is my best friend

There's been a fair amount of change for returning characters in SF5, but how drastic have the changes been, and how does it look for Cody and Sagat?
I doubt they will keep all of Cody's moves, they will just lock some of them behind a VT.

Ken's new V-Trigger seems laughably bad, and Juri's is only a little better; Vesper looks at three of the worst new V-Triggers in Street Fighter 5
Well i was saying Zeku's VT2 was ass before AE came out Kappa