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Past comments by ShockMaster
What happened to Lili? Side by side character model comparison from Tekken 7 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 raises a few questions
you this shes bad? just look at anna from ttt2 vs now

Capcom shares more of Lucia's Street Fighter 5 concept designs as the costume contest rages on
could have had sexy cowgirl lucia :(

EVO 2020 Online canceled, Joey Cuellar removed as CEO
laughs in watson

Djeeta trailer shown for Granblue Fantasy Versus, joins Soriz in releasing on April 7th — Zooey trailer to be revealed on April 17th
No Ken for me thx

Updated Capcom Pro Tour 2020 rules ban certain Street Fighter 5 costumes and colors from tournament play including poor Blanka-chan
some of these i don't get at all

Which popular characters are likely to join Samurai Shodown's roster if we get more surprise additions this year, or even in a Season 3? — Part 1
''Which popular characters are likely to join Samurai Shodown's roster'' *shows a character i have never seen or heard of before in the banner*

Rejected Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition Seth designs include Gen's apprentice, Steampunk, an ever-evolving form, and more
Here's why Seth no longer has a huge upper body and head, his legs are much longer as well Because he is based off a female SF model which in general have long legs and much smaller upper bodies and heads.

'Damn, SonicFox is even more free offline' - Punk developing potential rivalry with SonicFox as the latter continues to explore Street Fighter 5
he said feee sir

Zangief V-Skill parries Gill's Critical Art clean in this quick Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition clip
the goggles do nothing!

New V-Skill 2 footage shown off for Alex, Blanka and Kage in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition
respect the Ehubs Boomer people