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Hori is making a Joy-Con for the Nintendo Switch that has a traditional D-pad
The d-pad and analogue locations should be switched and it should work when the switch is docked. If it had these features I'd buy it. I can live without the motion control and rumble.

Sakura's performance online for February was the worst despite her being the fifth most popular; here are the latest Street Fighter 5 stats
Graph is very hard to read due to low-res pics. Laura just above average, people always overrate her. Great mix-ups but no decent reversal and low damage combos.

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's day one patch is 21GB
Honestly putting a game that loads large assets so frequently on an external HDD is not not a good. An SSD will serve you much better. Unfortunately due to some rather curious UX decisions you are artificially slowed down during many loading screens even after the data has loaded. Maybe they will fix it for AE, doubtful.

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