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How will Gill work in Street Fighter 5, what new V-Skills can potentially do for the game, and the case for a new title reveal at Capcom Cup
SO hungry for more SFV content. Thank god for podcast.

Ken's V-Skill 2 can hop over fireballs, lead to combos, and is frame advantage on block if charged in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition
I trully hope this will be a game changing for Ken, since he's my main. LETS GO!

Who is 'Pyron' and why does Gill have a crossover costume of him in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition?
I heard that they'll be making Dark Stalkers, I hope its true.

Ryu's Thrust Strike functions more like Kolin's first V-Skill rather than another parry — here's a breakdown of Ryu's V-Skill 2 in Street Fighter 5
Anything is welcome at this point, I'm ready for anything good coming for season 5.

Here's footage of Ryu, Ken, and Gill using second V-Skills in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition
Hopefully Gil is viable at launch. A month away from testing him.

Gill announced for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition
I'm excited! Big hope for Season 5.

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition announced
I can't wait for this, man been a while.

Is Street Fighter 4 more fun to play or watch than Street Fighter 5? Is Shadow Chun foreshadowing bigger things? Has SF5's netcode worsened since EVO?
Something cooking at Capcom's HQ.

The Shadow Lady boss is straight up a Marvel vs. Capcom character put into Street Fighter 5 and it's pretty busted
Why can't they just do this to all cjaracter in last update?

Street Fighter 5 finally surpasses its predecessor's sales numbers... unless you count in all of Street Fighter 4's expansions of course
Heh all works no play, Ono san deserved some praises.