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Topanga Championship 2020 results
Finally, got time to catch up with good SFV things.

Seth tech roundup from Desk, Justin Wong, SonicFox, Sako, and Xian show off incredible combos, terrifying setups, and plenty more
Why can't most of the top tier like this fun?

How do the sins of Street Fighter 5 compare with those of Street Fighter 3 and 4? Plus EVO 2020 lineup and early Granblue Fantasy Versus reactions
I love Street Fighter.

Tokido, Gachikun, and Mago release their Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition tier list
Can't we have some top tier that actually difficult to play or higher skills required.

Yoshinori Ono teases "updates" coming to either Street Fighter 5 or the Intel World Open, could a netcode improvement really be in the works?
I really do hope for another small balance patch. I also can't wait when they're going to announce the next fighting game.

Seth gameplay showcased in real Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition matches by Capcom
I do wish another balance changes coming in with CE release, doesn't matter if Seth or any cool character got release if the top 10 still mostly the same easy to win character like Cammy. Seth looks great.

Updated character select screen revealed for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition
Capcom got so much in their hands now and I don't think SFV is still their top priority.

4 important takeaways we learned about Seth today in their Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition breakdown
I do hope for a little bit more adjustments on the top tier/easy-to-win characters, so Seth and many other more interesting characters get more actual tournament uses.

'I'm not sure I even recognize this game anymore' - How much has Street Fighter 5 changed since Season 4 judging from EVO Japan?
Please do somthing about characters with boring movesets like G and Abigail.

Full Seth gameplay breakdown for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition released
I just can't wait, hoping for Seth to be strong and at least top 10.