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Past comments by Shimetsu
4 popular anime franchises most likely to get the Dragon Ball FighterZ treatment next
BLEACH!!! Would be pretty cool to see all of the bankai's be installs for sure.

GGST with characters: [u'Axl', u'Nagoriyuki']
I agree. Blood Gauge double edge swordness and Axl's ability to make Nago work for his money range makes this 6-4 Axl (maybe even 7-3 in some cases). Nago's win condition is winning mid range and opening up Axl, that's it. One right guess in close range for Axl in this matchup is extremely lethal for Nago.

Update: Dungeon Fighter Duel announced as new fighting game developed by Arc System Works
And Arc System Works slow take over of the fighting game genre continues. This and the possibility of adding a Bleach guest character in Strive..... I'm all in

Ishiwatari: With Guilty Gear: Strive, we wanted to put importance during development on appealing to people who don't really play fighting games
Honestly, I'm still hoping for a Bleach guest character or ASW to work with the Bleach IP