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Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition
M. Bison
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SF5 with characters: [u'M. Bison', u'Ryu']
This site should account for all the people that play ryu. every ryu match-up is off because ryu players think he is so bad.

Our readers voted Laura to be the toughest character to fight against and Juri the hardest to play as while online in Street Fighter 5
If you're not at least diamond rank, your opinion is void. At least top 10k ranked. Some of you guys say the funniest things.

Which SF5 characters need the most re-balancing? EventHubs staff members have differing opinions, and we want to hear yours
I took bison to top 2k in season one, the only people that say bison is strong are people that don't play bison. Bison is trash, too slow and no anti air or overhead kill him. I lose out the majority of the time with my air to air med punch because it is my best option. I have no wake up and if i v reversal it almost always kills my chance of getting ...

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