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MKXL: Jax - Air Raid
This is hands down one of Jax's best strings and can be the bane in your opponents side from how good this string is. It travels so far and is great for whiff punishing and even when it is blocked it's 0 on block which makes this string great for pressuring your opponent. You can special cancel this string and make your mix-up even deadlier by switching it up between going for energy wave pressure ...

MKXL: Jax - Major Pain
Now Major Pain isn't one of Jax's best specials moves, but is definitely is one of is underrated moves. You can definitely make a lot of use of this move. It can cause very awkward situations on wake up because of how quickly it is air borne, so anyone that isn't prepared for an air borne confirm will most likely drop there combo on you. This isn't guaranteed because it depends on how meaty your ...

MKXL: Jax - Ground Pound
Ground pound is a great way to make your opponent second guess there approach on Jax when far away from him, but this move isn't strictly for zoning purposes. The pound itself is an unblockable unless they jump over it. There a set ups into it that might net you some extra damage. Like doing EX gotcha and then immediately throwing out a regular ground pound can have your opponent bounce if they don't see ...

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