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Street Fighter: At the Movies is an awesome art tribute that mixes iconic film posters with world warriors from the community's best artists
Almost all of these gave me a good laugh. I particularly liked the Shadaloo Family, Mean Girls, and Zangief's. And I don't know why, but on the Mean Girls poster, it for some reason makes me laugh that they threw in "and Chun-Li" at the very bottom in white. Like it wasn't supposed to be directly noticeable.

VesperArcade list their top 5 characters in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition
For me, personally, Akuma is the worst, and by that I mean, the strongest character in the game. I don't have enough time to list all of the reasons why I truly despise Akuma as a character and think that he essentially represents a lot of the worst aspects of the game, but suffice it to say I think he is a problem and it is not at all fun to play against him. Guile ...

Did Momochi sandbag and counter the competition in ELEAGUE to advance to the losers bracket?
Yes, yes it is. That's part of what makes it so risky. It has long recovery, so she is wide open when you predict incorrectly.

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